Thursday, May 15, 2014

Building much progressed

It's been a wee while since the last pictures of the building progress of our new church meeting place, so here's a brief overview of the past couple of month's advancements:

The gate. (We had to break a hole in the wall to be able to access our portion of the land)
The fence.
This would serve as a separation between us and the neighbouring "cafe".
Digging the holes for the fence posts.

Thank God for pastor Luigi's building expertise!

The materials for making the fence: we had to go fetch them in "the bush"!

The building project on the new land has been a center for Body-life fellowship!
Isn't that nice :-)

Isabelle's Medicinal herb garden!

The "grace-oasis" - a place of healing: spirit soul and body!

The church has already met for several "agape" meals together at the grace oasis.

And many precious "rap" times (Q&R) on Sunday evenings: these have been very rich and edifying times of joy and interactive fellowship!

The provisional covered meeting place / "hangar"!

In order to finally be able to move out of where we have been meeting up until now, a provisional covering has been set up in one corner. It will serve as our chapel until, the bigger, and more solid roof has been put up...

Vision for the more permanent chapel. This is the space where we want to set up a solid roof, creating a chapel for about 200 people.
A few more details remain before we "move in": E.g. A few more touches and the well will be finished; This week a team of men from the church have been building a storage room on site, where one brother will also sleep (as a watchman/doorkeeper). Once the room is finished, we'll be able to make the move (probably in about a week from now - 22 May)!

 Thank you for your prayers for this, as the work will continue (even once we're on the land). We believe that God has been putting the pieces together, and also raising up the available workers to make this all happen. Why? To have a nice building? No! But to have a true "Grace Oasis", appropriately sized and placed, to where souls can come, and be saved, healed, restored, refreshed, instructed, encouraged, and built up by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God communicated ; and through the loving nature of God being expressed in the fellowship of the Body of Christ gathered!

That's our vision for the "Grace Oasis"!

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